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I saw my husband and heard his voice
I am almost 60 years old and have been losing my husband for about 6 years. He was also a lover, a friend, a father; he was the companion of my entire existence, a participant in countless sharings, from the greatest to the most minute. I spent the entire time of his illness, moment by moment, in the sure and vain hope of his recovery. When he passed away, in one night at 2:45 a.m., my life stopped. From that moment on, nothing made sense, and I only wanted to go to him. Those close to me suggested that I follow up with drug treatment, which I did; I was taking antidepressants and sleeping pills, but after almost five years I was at the same point. Then fate came my way: I learned of a psychotherapist who was following a new form of therapy aimed at helping those like me who felt crushed by loss. The approach was very challenging, because in order to get in touch with your loved one, you have to relive the most painful moments and visualize them as they occurred. Only then does one come to a complete surrender and then to an experience of communication After realizing this path of tears and grief I finally achieved the longed-for reunion. I saw my husband and heard his voice. He was answering my questions. I felt flooded with love. His closeness since then has been tangible, and he as well as close to me is in a more beautiful place, where everything is peace and serenity, and above all love, so much love.
It was at that moment that I began to sense Sara, to telepathically hear her words
My experience of IADC was about 3 years ago when during a conference on spirituality I heard psychotherapists talking about a method that allowed people to communicate with their loved one who was no longer alive. Realizing that nothing could heal my grief over the loss of my daughter Sara who died in an accident at the age of 15, but still wanting to connect with her, I thus decided to research and try this therapy. Her death had been sudden and I had many things to ask her. It was not possible that I had lost her suddenly that terrible August night. It was not possible that she was gone; I did not accept this terrible emptiness around me that was devastating my soul and body. So I went to a psychotherapist experienced in IADC in the hope that he would help me deal with my pain, which I had somehow learned to live with but which I was always trying to escape. A pain that had become my companion in life, but which I did not actually know, I felt that it was beside me but did not know what its face looked like. During that session the psychotherapist first of all helped me to get in touch with my pain, to look it in the face, to face it and in a way to go beyond that suffering. It was at that moment that I began to perceive Sara, to telepathically hear her words. She was there beside me and I could communicate with her. My eyes were closed and I began to see a few frames of the two of us together in this new life; it was as if I, like her, was also in spirit. It was an incredible emotion that lasted quite a while, and to this day, 3 years later, I still carry it indelibly in my heart. I cannot say that I no longer suffer, but thanks to IADC I was able to somehow reconnect with her, and she was able to tell me things that reassured me, things that allow me to continue on my path of life here on earth.
I found that that thread of love that bound us here on earth has not been broken at all
I came to the IADC experience having already experienced totally spontaneous ADCs that had convinced me that life continues after death and that my daughter, who died at age 25, in order to lessen my heartbreak wanted me to understand just that. Through the sessions conducted, I found myself witnessing her growing up in the Afterlife and, in part, accompanying her. Through sharp and detailed visual perceptions I had the communication of her emotions and thoughts; the communicative experience also occurred partly telepathically. I am now certain of her permanent presence beside me and her constant support. This has given me greater serenity, because I have seen that that thread of love that bound us here on earth has not been broken at all but continues to be present, the same, even after his physical death. This experience allowed me to reknit that thread and face life with more strength; she asked me herself, “Hang in there, Mom.”